Portal 2 – 2011

Price – €19.99

Portal 2 is amazing.

There is no explanation needed, it’s Portal 2.

But seriously, Portal 2 has a spectacular story to tell filled with more surprises and head-scratchers than you can imagine.

The gameplay is unbelievable, the portals may seem confusing at first, but the introduction is slow and steady so you have plenty of puzzles to get through before it expects you to know it inside-out. Even if you are struggling a bit, the community test chambers lets you get in a bit of practice, make your own puzzle, or just add some extra hours on after completing the campaign.

On the subject of the puzzles, they can be confusing, but they introduce you to them at a steady pace again, and make it so you aren’t looking up walkthroughs for everything.

I have loved every second of my time playing portal 2, and the co-op storyline adds to that by making puzzles that your friend can easily betray and crush you on, and so adds that extra level of trust you need in a co-op scenario.

My only bad comment would be, could they have made it any longer without dragging out the plot? I’ll let you decide.

My Rating – 9/10

Final Comment – (99.9%) Perfect


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