Ark Survival Evolved – 2015

Price – €27.99

Ark survival evolved is one of the games I have clocked the most hours in and it was all worth it.

I played the game with a cousin of mine – and I highly recommend you play it with friends as well – and it was and still is a load of fun, though we have lost many bases to servers just going down never to be seen again, we still come back to it, because even though we have lost alot, every time we gain it back again, it brings us closer to the goal of ”winning”, I say it that way because you cannot truly win at ark, you just get better and more powerful.

If you have the patience to build your base and generally build your power, get ark, it is so rewarding to play, get your friends as well, not only does it make it easier to play, it is also a load more fun.

My Rating – 9/10, Absolutely Brilliant

Final Comment – You just need patience, and you can have sooooooo much fun with ark.




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