Fallout 4 – 2015

Price – €59.99

I finished fallout 4 only a little while before writing this and I was dumbfounded that Bethesda made a game that wasn’t ridiculously long (looking at you skyrim) if you wanted it to be. I spent a alot of my playtime doing side missions, and while we are on the topic of side missions. The side missions, don’t ”feel” like side missions, if that makes any sense. They make you feel like you are making an actual impact on the world, rather than just helping an old man find his lost chicken, and this, I love. The gameplay can be a bit hard if you venture too far south, as that is where the most dangerous enemies lie in wait, but as long as you keep that in mind, you can build your arsenal of weapons and armour and have an amazing time wandering the world, fighting raiders, listening to funny dialogue, progressing the story, and overall having a brilliant time. The weapon customization is very good and will help you but if you are good enough, it can be completely ignored. I could keep talking all day, but I will leave it at that.

My Rating – 10/10

Final Comment – Play it, like now, stop reading, get it.


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