DOOM – 2016

Price – €59.99

Doom is absolutely insane! The fluid momentum you build up, the fast paced shooting, the impossibly powerful weapons, the EXPLOSIONS! I’ll calm down now, Doom, if you don’t know, was an old arcade game that is thought of as the mother of the modern FPS genre of gaming. This is it reborn, faster, stronger and out for blood. It lets you do brutal fatality style finishers on enemies that go below a certain health threshold, the blood splattered everywhere and the speed this is all done at makes you burst with adrenaline and badassery. Is badassery even a word? It is now, cause that’s what doom makes you feel. In terms of story, it has one, but it’s more just there as an excuse to shoot things and to give you an actual goal, I wouldn’t come to doom for it’s story, but other than that, it is hella fun.

My Rating – 10/10

Final Comment – 10/10 would shoot again. 


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