Bioshock 2 – 2010

Price – €19.99

Bioshock 2 is criticized for being a bad sequel that should be ignored in the Bioshock series, I beg to differ however. I believe it to be just a worthwhile game to play, even if it doesn’t match the brilliance of the original game. The controls can be a bit annoying to get a hand on if you had previously played the original game, but once you do, it can be fantastic to run around Rapture with a gun in one hand, and fire in the other. Yes, it does have a duel wield mechanic, and this is where I had trouble with the controls, the hands are reversed. The left mouse button affects the right hand and the right mouse button affects the left hand. Confusing, right? It sounds it but, like most games controls, it can be tackled within the first hour or two of play. This game retains the idea of the plasmids from the original and incorporates a few new ones as well. It also brings in some other new features which I personally liked and won’t spoil since the fact of some of them jumping out of nowhere is one of the things I loved because it was executed so well. These new features are here because of the huge difference that is evident the minute you start the game, you are a Big Daddy. Moving on, the story. It is ok. It is not a game I would go back to and play again for the story, despite the multiple endings it has depending on your previous actions in the game. You will have some life and death scenarios that will affect the ending, but you should really just play it as if this feature doesn’t exist.

My Rating – 7/10

Final Comment – Great game but lacking on story


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