• This website is all about me trying to give you my opinion on PC games I have played or am playing.
  • I will try and post every fortnight or so but if I haven’t posted it is probably because I am either unable to review any more games for the time being or I cannot allocate time to make a new review.
  • I am not going to try and make it up to be something it’s not.
  • I have some rules for my site I would like people to comply to, if you don’t, then don’t bother coming back to my site.
  • Rule #1 I will accept friendly criticisms but I will not accept criticism that is just flat out mean.
  • Rule #2 I will try my best to make this site as good as I can but I cannot do that if I am being bombarded by spam. The website is small right now so it’s not like I am not going to notice you .
  • Rule #3 Use common sense, I shouldn’t have to fill out a list of rules so I am just going to tell you to use common sense here. Is that too much to ask?