Dishonoured – 2012

Price – €9.99

Gameplay – Great. If not for the fact that sometimes it promotes killing even though the best ending involves getting 0 kills. You can knock people out, but they can be woken up, also, without the proper equipment, it can take a while to knock someone out, seen as Corvo’s method is to choke someone. I enjoy the fact that my actions effect the world around me, but some of the effects of a single kill are a bit ridiculous and that can remove some of the immersion for me. On the topic of immersion, other than the occasional obscure action, it is very immersive with its painting-like graphics and seamless controls.

Story – The story is brilliant. Though it can feel like some portions were added just because they needed an extra hour of gameplay, ignoring that, it is fantastic. Your actions have consequences and you have to consider how you are going to play the game at the very start since there is no turning back without starting a whole new game. The main choice is to be lethal or to be non-lethal. If you kill, there will be more enemies, the game will be harder, and more rats will roam the streets. If you don’t kill, the game will be easier in the sense of, less enemies, less rats, and you will get a much better ending.

My Rating – 9/10

Final Comment – Fantastic game, just make sure you like stealth