Dishonoured – 2012

Price – €9.99

Gameplay – Great. If not for the fact that sometimes it promotes killing even though the best ending involves getting 0 kills. You can knock people out, but they can be woken up, also, without the proper equipment, it can take a while to knock someone out, seen as Corvo’s method is to choke someone. I enjoy the fact that my actions effect the world around me, but some of the effects of a single kill are a bit ridiculous and that can remove some of the immersion for me. On the topic of immersion, other than the occasional obscure action, it is very immersive with its painting-like graphics and seamless controls.

Story – The story is brilliant. Though it can feel like some portions were added just because they needed an extra hour of gameplay, ignoring that, it is fantastic. Your actions have consequences and you have to consider how you are going to play the game at the very start since there is no turning back without starting a whole new game. The main choice is to be lethal or to be non-lethal. If you kill, there will be more enemies, the game will be harder, and more rats will roam the streets. If you don’t kill, the game will be easier in the sense of, less enemies, less rats, and you will get a much better ending.

My Rating – 9/10

Final Comment – Fantastic game, just make sure you like stealth 


Bioshock Infinite – 2013

Price – €29.99

Bioshock Infinite is amazing. No! Don’t Go! That’s not the full re-. Ok then, at least someones still reading, that wasn’t the full review by the way, I just wanted to get that out of the way so I didn’t have to keep saying it. Despite it seeming the polar opposite to the other Bioshock games since it takes place in the sky city of Columbia rather than the sea dystopia of Rapture, it still retains the brilliance. Plasmids have been retained in the form of Vigors. You can still shoot people up with a wide selection of guns, and you can still have your mind blown at the brilliance of the story and gameplay. The story is reminiscent of the first Bioshock in the fact of, it blows your mind more and more as more details are revealed to you about the characters. The ending has confused some, but if you sit down and collect your thoughts you can piece it together, or you can watch a video recapping the events before doing so if it makes it easier. The story can be interpreted in different ways so don’t take someone on the internet’s interpretation of it to be the right one, try and find your own way of thinking of it. On to the gameplay. The combat is excellent in both the main game and the DLC, but we’ll talk about the DLC in another review. Anyway, like I mentioned before, you retain the idea of plasmids without the actual name. There are many new ones for you to mess around with and the classic Bioshock ones stay put such as electro bolt and insect swarm, with slight alterations of course in name and use. You still have a wide array of guns to choose from as well such as a shotgun and a machine gun. Also, duel wielding is kind of still a thing, you can have two things selected at one time, you just can’t use things at the same time, if that makes sense? You’ll know what I mean in-game. All in all, I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite immensely, and I hope you do too.

My Rating – 10/10

Final Comment – Amazingnessly Amazing

Bioshock – 2007

Price – €19.99

I’m sure most people have at least heard of Bioshock in the gaming community, but I’m going to explain it anyway. Bioshock brings you into the world of Rapture, a dystopian underwater city you must fight through with the help of Atlas, a man on your radio. Bioshocks main difference with other shooters (other than it’s superb story, more on that later) is that it lets you gain abilities through genetically altering plasmids. These plasmids can range from shooting bees out of your hands, to using telekinesis to cripple your enemies with any loose debris you can find. As well as plasmids, you also have your typical guns you would find in any shooter, a shotgun, a grenade/rocket launcher and others. The story is perfect, you feel like you understand everything, that the whole game can be predicted from the very start, but Bioshock isn’t like that. It makes you think you outsmarted it, and then it shows you that you were wrong the whole time. Aside from that, the story is still superb, you empathise with the characters at every point of the way and the audio tapes found around Rapture give you useful information to help you progress, as well as some background information on the world. I hope you enjoy Rapture as much as I did.

My Rating – 10/10

Final Comment – Top-quality game, highly recommend