Bioshock – 2007

Price – €19.99

I’m sure most people have at least heard of Bioshock in the gaming community, but I’m going to explain it anyway. Bioshock brings you into the world of Rapture, a dystopian underwater city you must fight through with the help of Atlas, a man on your radio. Bioshocks main difference with other shooters (other than it’s superb story, more on that later) is that it lets you gain abilities through genetically altering plasmids. These plasmids can range from shooting bees out of your hands, to using telekinesis to cripple your enemies with any loose debris you can find. As well as plasmids, you also have your typical guns you would find in any shooter, a shotgun, a grenade/rocket launcher and others. The story is perfect, you feel like you understand everything, that the whole game can be predicted from the very start, but Bioshock isn’t like that. It makes you think you outsmarted it, and then it shows you that you were wrong the whole time. Aside from that, the story is still superb, you empathise with the characters at every point of the way and the audio tapes found around Rapture give you useful information to help you progress, as well as some background information on the world. I hope you enjoy Rapture as much as I did.

My Rating – 10/10

Final Comment – Top-quality game, highly recommend


Fallout 4 – 2015

Price – €59.99

I finished fallout 4 only a little while before writing this and I was dumbfounded that Bethesda made a game that wasn’t ridiculously long (looking at you skyrim) if you wanted it to be. I spent a alot of my playtime doing side missions, and while we are on the topic of side missions. The side missions, don’t ”feel” like side missions, if that makes any sense. They make you feel like you are making an actual impact on the world, rather than just helping an old man find his lost chicken, and this, I love. The gameplay can be a bit hard if you venture too far south, as that is where the most dangerous enemies lie in wait, but as long as you keep that in mind, you can build your arsenal of weapons and armour and have an amazing time wandering the world, fighting raiders, listening to funny dialogue, progressing the story, and overall having a brilliant time. The weapon customization is very good and will help you but if you are good enough, it can be completely ignored. I could keep talking all day, but I will leave it at that.

My Rating – 10/10

Final Comment – Play it, like now, stop reading, get it.

Ark Survival Evolved – 2015

Price – €27.99

Ark survival evolved is one of the games I have clocked the most hours in and it was all worth it.

I played the game with a cousin of mine – and I highly recommend you play it with friends as well – and it was and still is a load of fun, though we have lost many bases to servers just going down never to be seen again, we still come back to it, because even though we have lost alot, every time we gain it back again, it brings us closer to the goal of ”winning”, I say it that way because you cannot truly win at ark, you just get better and more powerful.

If you have the patience to build your base and generally build your power, get ark, it is so rewarding to play, get your friends as well, not only does it make it easier to play, it is also a load more fun.

My Rating – 9/10, Absolutely Brilliant

Final Comment – You just need patience, and you can have sooooooo much fun with ark.