Half Life 1 (Original) – 1998

Price – €9.99

I know some people may be saying  ”that’s from 1998, couldn’t be any good”
and to you I say, please leave now…… no really……. leave.
Half Life is absolutely amazing,
it lacks the graphics it doesn’t need,
it has amazing gameplay, the story is great, and the occasional jump scare from a facehugger or 2 adds that bit of tension.
HOWEVER! Sorry for shouting there, it’s infamous, xen section, is not by any standards a fun time.
The gameplay slows down, the puzzles aren’t even puzzles, and it, long story short, is a lot worse,
but I will still recommend it for it’s amazing plot, gameplay (most of the time) and puzzles.

My Rating – 8/10

Final Comment: Go on, get it, only costs a tener too : )